About Me and Bio.

I was born in the Midwest.  I grew up in a mid-size river town and then moved into the country half way through elementary school.  Since I really didn’t have many friends it was a simple move.  I went to a smaller High School were I found my niche in computers.

I also used to do archery when I was younger.  I was good and then I got pushed so much into it that I hated it.  I was finishing top three in my grouping almost every time but I got burnt out of it.  I haven’t touch another bow since then or even hunt.

I attended a small community college since I didn’t get any help for finances to go to a bigger University.  I was a pretty good above average student until I started hanging around a bad group of kids.  This is from all of the shielding my parents been doing since I was very young.  I barely graduate with an average grade point average.  I goofed around a lot.  I also adventured into some Black hating as well for a very short time.

I enjoy watching sports and playing fantasy football as well as write, tell stories, poetry, and watching thunderstorms.  I like to also watch the weather channel as well as a good sitcom that is not a damn chick sitcom.  This is the same with movies as well.

Currently I work in information technology under Corporate Ruling… but maybe I can get high enough to start making a difference,  probably not.  I hope to become a better writer.  Time will only tell and what way to start writing better then creating a blog about what is in my mind.

I like debate and I admire conviction and passion in anyone. I dislike people that throw facts around without basis or merits.I hate people that think they are better than you are because of where they work or that they have a higher education.  I will treat everyone the same way on my blog as well as pissing off some people as well.  I hate trolls, if you troll me then you are asking to be trolled.

This blog was created June 12th, 2015.


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