Disclaimer For the Site

I write what I want. If you don’t like it then get. Just be gone.

I don’t have to be nice, polite, or kind to anyone. I am human and I have good and bad days like everyone else. If you catch me on a bad day that is just your bad luck. Deal with it.

Calling me a troll on my own blog is equal to kicking my non-existent dog. Fluffy doesn’t like to be kicked.

I will defend the readers and commenters of my website. If you decide to re-blog one of my articles, that is all well and good, but don’t cross the line of attacking my followers. Only a few have seen a glimpse of my temper. That will set me off.

Reference my wife and children with respect. This is the one thing I will enforce. Nothing nice to say? Shut your mouth then.


One thought on “Disclaimer For the Site

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