Hell of a Bad Week At Work – A to Z Challenge 2016

I had a really bad week at work this last week.  that is why some of my posts are later then what they supposed to be.  But I posted them still since that is one of my goals for this challenge.  I never said I was going to post a certain amount of words for each post.

I will post what I feel like saying or what is coming out of my mind at that time.  Since this is the weekend and I tired of working this week, I’m going to enjoy a drink and spend so time with friends as well as writing.

What should I write about?  What subject?  Anything is fair game right now.  Even for the erotic group that is following me now on my blog.  THank you to everyone that is following me.



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My A to Z Challenge 2016



4 thoughts on “Hell of a Bad Week At Work – A to Z Challenge 2016

  1. Don’t ya hate when you cant come up with a subject to write about. Some bloggers hit the ground running and are so hardcore. I wonder where do they get the ideas and energy?! Not to much the time.
    Just keep up writing…anything 🙂

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  2. I like wordfinddotcom—the site lists oodles of words under every letter of the alphabet for ambitious Scrabble players. Haven’t played Scrabble in years, but it’s been good for inspiration on the days when I’m really stuck.

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