Hello fellow bloggers and blog readers

shades 2First of all Welcome!

Welcome to the inner thoughts of my mind and my open-minded opinions.  I will warn you now.  Some posts you might like and some posts will offend you to no end.  Deal with it.  It’s my blog and I can write what I want and about anything I want.  Mostly what is on my mind.  I’m human so I have good days and bad days.  Deal with it.

If you agree with my posts , then feel free to share it with others and comment on it.  If I offend you, then get over it or comment on it in a humane way or just be gone.  I’m not here to make friends with this blog, but to release my thoughts in my mind so I can stay sane in my everyday life.

I could be your brother, your neighbor, your friend, your uncle, your cousin, or anybody that lives in Iowa.  So don’t look me up.  I will not even tell you if I’m the “Man in Dark Shades”.  That is why I will not use my real name or my real email addresses.  Once I get a domain name, it will be private as well.

So welcome again and stay for a while to read and comment on my blog or just be gone!

Man In Dark Shades