Jerks – A to Z Challenge 2016

The world is full of them and they know who they are.  I personally call them Jack Asses but that is an insult to the half horse and half donkey animal.  these individuals have nothing better to make everyone else have a bad day or bad week.

I know I’ll have people read this that are Jerks and I’m calling you out.  Stop being an ass and start being kind as well as treat others nice.  Karma is a bitch.


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My A to Z Challenge 2016



Interests – A to Z Challenge 2016

I’m back at writing after being sick the past few days  and here is my post for I.

Everyone has them and only a few act on them.  I know I have done both of them when I start thinking about my interests that I have.  I have all kinds of interests like writing a book about something, and trying new things in my life and in the bedroom.  Everyone has interests.


What are your interests?  Please leave a comment below.


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My A to Z Challenge 2016


Hell of a Bad Week At Work – A to Z Challenge 2016

I had a really bad week at work this last week.  that is why some of my posts are later then what they supposed to be.  But I posted them still since that is one of my goals for this challenge.  I never said I was going to post a certain amount of words for each post.

I will post what I feel like saying or what is coming out of my mind at that time.  Since this is the weekend and I tired of working this week, I’m going to enjoy a drink and spend so time with friends as well as writing.

What should I write about?  What subject?  Anything is fair game right now.  Even for the erotic group that is following me now on my blog.  THank you to everyone that is following me.



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My A to Z Challenge 2016


Gutter Minded More Often Than Normal – A to Z Challenge 2016

I have been gutter minded more often than I normally do.  I haven’t been any different but more full of piss and vinegar then normally as well.  I’m not sure if it is the water or just because spring is just around the corner.  I know I have been having a bad week at work and I need to blow off some steam.

What do you do to blow off steam?  What activities do you do inside or outside?


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My A to Z Challenge 2016


Free-For-All Writing – A to Z Challenge 2016

F is for free-for-all writing.

If you can’t tell already that I’m a free-for-all type of blogger.  I will blog about anything.  I have all kinds of followers and that will just get bigger when more people start following my blog.  So if you have a topic you want to see my write about then add a comment to this post with what you want me to write about.  I will write about anything so go ahead and list it below.

The only thing I will not write about is under the First letter A.  So please go look that up before you ask your questions or list your topic.  Since I have a few people who blog about sex then I might have to go down that path for a couple posts and see how that works out.

Again I will talk about anything that is on my mind and I have an open mind and a twisted mind on some days.



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My A to Z Challenge 2016


E-Cig Owners are Rude People – A to Z Challenge 2016

Before you jump down my throat this does not mean everyone is this way.  If you are not this way than good for you since you are one of the rare kind people out there.  So here is the article.

People who use E-cigarettes are rude people.  Because you think it is not a real one you don’t have to follow the rules.  If the sign as no smoking within 10 feet, then it means you as well so stop playing the “I didn’t know” idiot card.  You just can’t wait until you get out of the door to get it out and start heating it up.  Stop being so damn rude because not everyone around you smokes.

Or park next to someones car with your window down and smoking.  Then when the owner of the car next to you tries to get into their car as you blow smoke out your window.  That makes me want to drop kick you in the face.  Don’t be so freaking rude.

But there is a few people who will be polite and treat others like they don’t smoke.  Those people I have respect for.

I don’t smoke so don’t try to force me because you do.

I told you that I will piss off some people so read my disclaimer before you post


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My A to Z Challenge 2016


Don’t Waste People’s Time or My Time – A to Z Challenge 2016

Don’t waste people’s time is one of the most important thing I do on a daily basis.  If it is a waste of my time then it will be a waste of another person’s time.  That is one of the worst things someone can do is waste their time.  Because you can’t get your time back once it is gone.

So make sure if you are using someone’s time to not waste it and make it worth the time they give to you.


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My A to Z Challenge 2016


C is for Crutches – A to Z Challenge 2016

C is for crutches.  Yes crutches is the c word of the day.  Damn pot holes in a freaking parking lot.  I don’t think it is broken but who knows.  At least the doctor does think so but it is still swallow-en.

This week is becoming a crappy week.  What a way to start off this challenge is with a bad week.  So this challenge will be a very interesting challenge.

So how many other out there is having a bad week like I have been?  I would have written something longer but I just don’t have enough\ time tonight to do so.  I’ll make it up with tomorrow’s post.



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My A to Z Challenge 2016


B is for Boiling Point – A to Z Challenge 2016

B is for Boiling Point.

I don’t normally get to this level but I was brought to this just this weekend.  It is not just one thing but it is a bunch of things.

First of all an car that wasn’t paying attention around them almost backed into my car.  This was in the middle of the street.  She missed her turn so she decide to back up instead of going around the block.  She also decided to gun her car in reverse without looking behind her.  Can you say idiot driver?

That pretty much put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day.  Lucky we didn’t get hit and she realized I was behind her as I was pushing on the horn with all of my might.

Then after spending some time at a trampoline park, I ended up with a small headache.  Since this is a Adult content only blog, I was also to tired and my head hurt too much to do my normal man duties.  And that is rare after having kids.

So I’m thinking of a good post for the letter C.  I think these posts will be getting better and better as the letters go by.


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My A to Z Challenge 2016


A is for Apology – A to Z Challenge 2016

A is for Apology.

First of all I will only apologize once.  I used to be a real nice guy until a lot of shit happened to me that changed me and my opinion.  The one thing I will always be is blunt and honest.  My opinions will most likely offend someone so I’m sorry for that.

I’m going to use a letter a day to open my mind to you the public.  I don’t normally speak my mind due to being judged by people who don’t know me.  There is only one person that can judge and he is GOD.  I’m a christian so yes I do believe in God and Jesus.  But I will not force or be forced to talk religion on my blog.  It is your choice to believe or not.

I will speak my mind though and I will use the First Amendment to do this.  I will also talk about how people annoy me as well as politics if it is needed.  And trust me there is a whole lot of politic crap I will need to let out of my brain.  So many puns and remarks.

Honestly I like to get this stuff off of my mind with a little bit of comedy if I can interject it into my posts.  I do have ADD so sometimes my posts will go in several directions so I will apologize for that.  I will try my hardest to keep my thoughts in order on my posts.

So before I leave this here on my site, I have one more thing to say.  Have a happy April Fools day today since it is April 1st.


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My A to Z Challenge 2016