B is for Boiling Point – A to Z Challenge 2016

B is for Boiling Point.

I don’t normally get to this level but I was brought to this just this weekend.  It is not just one thing but it is a bunch of things.

First of all an car that wasn’t paying attention around them almost backed into my car.  This was in the middle of the street.  She missed her turn so she decide to back up instead of going around the block.  She also decided to gun her car in reverse without looking behind her.  Can you say idiot driver?

That pretty much put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day.  Lucky we didn’t get hit and she realized I was behind her as I was pushing on the horn with all of my might.

Then after spending some time at a trampoline park, I ended up with a small headache.  Since this is a Adult content only blog, I was also to tired and my head hurt too much to do my normal man duties.  And that is rare after having kids.

So I’m thinking of a good post for the letter C.  I think these posts will be getting better and better as the letters go by.


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