A is for Apology – A to Z Challenge 2016

A is for Apology.

First of all I will only apologize once.  I used to be a real nice guy until a lot of shit happened to me that changed me and my opinion.  The one thing I will always be is blunt and honest.  My opinions will most likely offend someone so I’m sorry for that.

I’m going to use a letter a day to open my mind to you the public.  I don’t normally speak my mind due to being judged by people who don’t know me.  There is only one person that can judge and he is GOD.  I’m a christian so yes I do believe in God and Jesus.  But I will not force or be forced to talk religion on my blog.  It is your choice to believe or not.

I will speak my mind though and I will use the First Amendment to do this.  I will also talk about how people annoy me as well as politics if it is needed.  And trust me there is a whole lot of politic crap I will need to let out of my brain.  So many puns and remarks.

Honestly I like to get this stuff off of my mind with a little bit of comedy if I can interject it into my posts.  I do have ADD so sometimes my posts will go in several directions so I will apologize for that.  I will try my hardest to keep my thoughts in order on my posts.

So before I leave this here on my site, I have one more thing to say.  Have a happy April Fools day today since it is April 1st.


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My A to Z Challenge 2016



The A to Z Challenge 2016

I have talked myself into doing the A to Z Challenge this year.  This is a challenge that you have to write bout a certain letter on a certain day.  April 1st is letter A, April 2nd is the letter B, and so on.  We get Sundays off from writing so that is why April 30th will have the letter Z.

We will see how this challenge goes with the type of writing I’m planning on doing on this site.  I supposed to come up with a theme yesterday and I forgot to post it.  The theme is whatever comes out of my mouth.

If I offend you then go look up my Disclaimer for my site.


Hello fellow bloggers and blog readers

shades 2First of all Welcome!

Welcome to the inner thoughts of my mind and my open-minded opinions.  I will warn you now.  Some posts you might like and some posts will offend you to no end.  Deal with it.  It’s my blog and I can write what I want and about anything I want.  Mostly what is on my mind.  I’m human so I have good days and bad days.  Deal with it.

If you agree with my posts , then feel free to share it with others and comment on it.  If I offend you, then get over it or comment on it in a humane way or just be gone.  I’m not here to make friends with this blog, but to release my thoughts in my mind so I can stay sane in my everyday life.

I could be your brother, your neighbor, your friend, your uncle, your cousin, or anybody that lives in Iowa.  So don’t look me up.  I will not even tell you if I’m the “Man in Dark Shades”.  That is why I will not use my real name or my real email addresses.  Once I get a domain name, it will be private as well.

So welcome again and stay for a while to read and comment on my blog or just be gone!

Man In Dark Shades