E-Cig Owners are Rude People – A to Z Challenge 2016

Before you jump down my throat this does not mean everyone is this way.  If you are not this way than good for you since you are one of the rare kind people out there.  So here is the article.

People who use E-cigarettes are rude people.  Because you think it is not a real one you don’t have to follow the rules.  If the sign as no smoking within 10 feet, then it means you as well so stop playing the “I didn’t know” idiot card.  You just can’t wait until you get out of the door to get it out and start heating it up.  Stop being so damn rude because not everyone around you smokes.

Or park next to someones car with your window down and smoking.  Then when the owner of the car next to you tries to get into their car as you blow smoke out your window.  That makes me want to drop kick you in the face.  Don’t be so freaking rude.

But there is a few people who will be polite and treat others like they don’t smoke.  Those people I have respect for.

I don’t smoke so don’t try to force me because you do.

I told you that I will piss off some people so read my disclaimer before you post


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