I’m Back Baby

I’m back to blogging again from a long break when I was planning on. This blog will be anything and everything that is on my mind when I make a posting. This could be happy things (maybe) or bad things (maybe). I feel writing was and still is a good release for my mind. So lets start by making one, two, or three posts a week to get back into writing in on my blog while I juggle what life has to throw at me. Again these are my thoughts and opinions of such so coming here to troll me will not work for you.

So lets have fun and jump around.

Man In Dark Shades


Rant #1- Banks and Credit Unions SUCK!!!

First of all, I’m sorry for not finishing the A to Z Challenge.  Life took over blogging for a while, but I’m back now and the first post back is a rant from hell.

My rant is on how the banks and credit unions suck and are just worried about shades 2their damn selves.  Especially when dealing with mortgages and loans.  If it is a risk then they tell you no or make up some reason to not give out the loan.

I went it for a mortgage refinance due to try to get rid of credit cards as well as getting additional money to get a new roof on my house since it was getting bad.  I never made a late payment to this credit union since I joined it almost 17 years ago.  I did made a late payment on my mortgage in the past 6 months due to juggling bills around to pay them.

I have done everything possible but filing bankruptcy to pay my bills.  I’m not someone that spend to much money then what I bring in either.  Most of the credit card debt is from the time I was in college.  My debt had been going down very slowly over the years unless something comes up like a new roof is needed.

So I got a call after submitting an application and they denied it.  Their reason is because I missed paying a payment on time and it takes 6 months without missing one for them to do the loan.


It was just one payment and I can’t get a loan.  Bullshit answer!!!  They didn’t want to give me the loan because it was a lot of money for them to cover.  So now I have to figure out how to pay for a new roof without braking the bank or making me got insane.

So have anyone else had this type of response before from a bank?  This one pissed me off royally.

Jerks – A to Z Challenge 2016

The world is full of them and they know who they are.  I personally call them Jack Asses but that is an insult to the half horse and half donkey animal.  these individuals have nothing better to make everyone else have a bad day or bad week.

I know I’ll have people read this that are Jerks and I’m calling you out.  Stop being an ass and start being kind as well as treat others nice.  Karma is a bitch.


@ManInDarkShade1 from Man In Dark Shades Blog

My A to Z Challenge 2016


Free-For-All Writing – A to Z Challenge 2016

F is for free-for-all writing.

If you can’t tell already that I’m a free-for-all type of blogger.  I will blog about anything.  I have all kinds of followers and that will just get bigger when more people start following my blog.  So if you have a topic you want to see my write about then add a comment to this post with what you want me to write about.  I will write about anything so go ahead and list it below.

The only thing I will not write about is under the First letter A.  So please go look that up before you ask your questions or list your topic.  Since I have a few people who blog about sex then I might have to go down that path for a couple posts and see how that works out.

Again I will talk about anything that is on my mind and I have an open mind and a twisted mind on some days.



@ManInDarkShade1 from Man In Dark Shades Blog

My A to Z Challenge 2016


E-Cig Owners are Rude People – A to Z Challenge 2016

Before you jump down my throat this does not mean everyone is this way.  If you are not this way than good for you since you are one of the rare kind people out there.  So here is the article.

People who use E-cigarettes are rude people.  Because you think it is not a real one you don’t have to follow the rules.  If the sign as no smoking within 10 feet, then it means you as well so stop playing the “I didn’t know” idiot card.  You just can’t wait until you get out of the door to get it out and start heating it up.  Stop being so damn rude because not everyone around you smokes.

Or park next to someones car with your window down and smoking.  Then when the owner of the car next to you tries to get into their car as you blow smoke out your window.  That makes me want to drop kick you in the face.  Don’t be so freaking rude.

But there is a few people who will be polite and treat others like they don’t smoke.  Those people I have respect for.

I don’t smoke so don’t try to force me because you do.

I told you that I will piss off some people so read my disclaimer before you post


@ManInDarkShade1 from Man In Dark Shades Blog

My A to Z Challenge 2016